Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Today the Order of Preachers celebrates its heavenly members, All Saints and Blesseds of the Dominican Order, even though Dominicans only take profession of vows until death.
Fixed in God by love, the Dominican lives for this alone: united with Christ in each of its acts, through Him, with Him and in Him, it thinks only of glorifying the Father by continual adoration and of saving souls who will glorify Him eternally. It lives in the Church, through the Church, for the Church, in a spirit of brotherhood with all men, eager to communicate to them the Truth which is achieved in Love.
You might like to pray the Litany for the Friars, Nuns, and Lay Dominicans throughout the world. Happy Feast Day and through the intercession of the Saints may the Order fulfill its mission to Praise, Bless and Preach the Truth.
Happy Feast Day!

Litany of The Dominican Saints and Blesseds
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us. ...Lord, have mercy.
...Christ, have mercy.
...Lord, have mercy.
...Christ Graciously Hear Us
God, the heavenly Father... have mercy on us.
God, the Son, Redeemer of the world........have mercy on us
God, the Holy Spirit...... have mercy on us
Holy Mary.............pray for us
Holy Mother of God
Holy Virgin of Virgins
All you holy angels and archangels
All you holy Patriarchs and Prophets
All you holy Apostles and Evangelists
All you holy martyrs
All you holy virgins and widows
All you holy men and women

Saint Michael.....pray for us
Saint Gabriel
Saint Raphael
Saint Joseph
Saint John the Baptist
Saint Mary Magdalen
Holy Father Augustine
Holy Father Francis
Blessed Jane of Aza
Blessed Reginald ...pray for us.

Holy Father Dominic
Holy Father Dominic ...pray for us.
Blessed Bertrand.........pray for us
Blessed Mannes
Blessed Diana
Blessed Jordan of Saxony
Blessed John of Salerno
Blessed William and Companions
Blessed Ceslaus
Blessed Isnard
Blessed Guala
Blessed Peter Gonzalez
Saint Zdislava
Saint Peter of Verona
Blessed Nicholas
Saint Hyacinth
Blessed Gonsalvo
Blessed Sadoc and Companions
Blessed Giles
Saint Margaret of Hungary
Blessed Batholomew of Vincenza
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Saint Raymond of Penyafort
Blessed Innocent V
Blessed Albert of Bergamo
Saint Albert the Great
Blessed John of Vercelli
Blessed Ambrose
Blessed Cecilia
Blessed Benvenuta
Blessed James of Varazze
Blessed James of Bevagna
Blessed Benedict XI
Blessed Jane of Orvieto
Blessed Jordan of Pisa
Saint Emily
Blessed James Salomonio
Saint Agnes of Montepulciano
Blessed Simon
Blessed Margaret of Castello
Blessed Augustine Kazotic
Blessed James Benefatti
Blessed Imelda
Blessed Dalmatius
Blessed Margaret Ebner
Blessed Villana
Blessed Peter Ruffia
Blessed Henry
Blessed Sibyllina
Blessed Anthony of Pavonio
Saint Catherine of Siena
Blessed Marcolino
Blessed Raymond of Capua
Blessed Andrew Franchi
Saint Vincent Ferrer
Blessed Clara
Blessed John Dominic
Blessed Alvarez
Blessed Maria
Blessed Peter of Castello
Blessed Andrew Abellon
Blessed Stephen
Blessed Peter Geremia
Blessed John of Fiesole
Blessed Lawrence of Ripafratta
Blessed Anthony della Chiesa
Saint Antoninus
Blessed Anthony Neyrot
Blessed Margaret of Savoy
Blessed Bartholomew of Cerverio
Blessed Matthew
Blessed Constantius
Blessed Christopher
Blessed Damian
Blessed Andrew of Peschiera
Blessed Bernard
Blessed Jane of Portugal
Blessed James of Ulm
Blessed Augustine of Biella
Blessed Aimo
Blessed Sebastian
Blessed Mark
Blessed Columba
Blessed Magdalen
Blessed Osanna of Mantua
Blessed John Liccio
Blessed Dominic Spadafora
Blessed Stephana
Saint Adrian
Blessed Lucy
Blessed Catherine Racconigi
Blessed Osanna of Kotor
Saint Pius V
Saint John of Cologne
Blessed Maria Bartholomew
Saint Louis Bertrand
Saint Catherine de Ricci
Blessed Robert
Blessed Alphonsus and Companions
Saint Rose
Saint Dominic Ibanez and Companions
Blessed Agnes of Jesus
Saint Lawrence Ruiz and Companions
Saint Martin de Porres
Blessed Peter Higgins
Blessed Francis de Capillas
Saint Juan Macias
Blessed Terence
Blessed Ann of the Angels
Blessed Francis de Posadas
Saint Louis de Montfort
Blessed Francis Gil
Saint Matteo
Blessed Peter Sanz and Companions
Saint Vicent Liem
Saint Hyacinth Castaneda
Blessed Marie
Blessed George
Blessed Catherine Jarrige
Saint Ignatius and Companions
Saint Dominic An-Kham and Companions
Saint Joseph Khang and Companions
Blessed Francis Coll
Blessed Hyacinthe Cormier
Blessed Pier Giorgio
Blessed Bartolo
Blessed Michael Czartoryski
Blessed Julia Rodzinska
All holy Dominican brothers and sisters ...pray for us.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world ...spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world ...graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world ...have mercy on us.
Let us pray...
God, source of all holiness, you have enriched your Church
with many gifts in the saints of the Order of Preachers.
By following the example of our brothers and sisters,
may we come to enjoy their company
for ever in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Your Son, who lives and reigns with You
and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

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